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Q4 2014 Newsletter

January 14, 2015 Dear Client: Q4, like all of 2014, saw more volatility yet the markets generally were positive. We maintained our portfolio positions despite the impact of falling oil prices. Markets were solid for the quarter and year despite increased volatility. There were more down months and record highs than the previous two years. [...]

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12/1/14 – Hit the Roth, Jack

A friend of mine (let’s call him Jack) recently stated that since I'm constantly bloviating about Medicare surcharges, I should explain how he might be impacted when he retires. "Help me understand how this ‘savings trap’ will affect me and give it to me straight," he said solemnly. "I wouldn't have it any other way," [...]

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10/30/14 – Rollercoasters

A new experience for me was taking my family to opening night of the local fair. In case you were wondering, the fair allows visitors to enjoy an up close experience with farm animals and their respective odors. We stood in long lines to see pigs, cows, sheep, chickens, and Clydesdales. They even had pig [...]

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9/30/14 – Underneath It All

Underneath it all, sometimes we take things for granted. The other day a friend stopped by the house to chat with my wife and me before I headed off to the office. We talked, laughed, gossiped a bit, and then I looked at my watch. A little late for my meeting! I grabbed my briefcase, [...]

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Q3 2014 Newsletter

October 17, 2014 Dear Client: Q3 saw major global macro threats such as the Russian/Ukraine conflict, ISIS, slowing global growth, Ebola and the Fed winding down quantitative easing, and yet the markets held relatively steady. Our confidence in the economy helped us stay with our portfolios while the markets traversed the wall of worries. Markets [...]

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8/5/14 – Longevity Insurance

On July 1st, the US Treasury Department gave the green light for savers to convert part of their 401(k) or IRA balances into a longevity annuity. Longevity Insurance (QLAC) is a type of deferred income annuity typically designed to begin paying an income stream once the annuitant (you) lives past 80 or 85. Basically, QLAC [...]

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7/29/14 – Honey

Why do some of us refer to our partners (usually not a business partner) as "honey?" Similar terms of endearment include “dear,” “darling,” “sugar,” “babe,” “love,” “precious,” “sweetie,” “cutie,” “hey,” and “hey you.” I've been called "dear" in my past by an old librarian, but for the most part it's been “hey,” “hey you,” and [...]

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Q2 2014 Newsletter

July 15, 2014 Dear Client: Our confidence in the economy helped us hold our investments through market volatility. Markets were highly correlated, i.e. moved in the same direction.  Global equities posted similar returns: S&P 500[1] +4.7%, the tech-heavy NASDAQ[2] +4.9%, and international equities +3.0%.  Individual sectors were a different story: energy posted 12% gains, utilities [...]

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Q1 2014 Newsletter

April 10, 2014 Dear Client: Harsh atmospheric conditions and international events didn’t shake our belief the economy was strong.  Thus, we chose to hold our portfolio allocations and ride through the first quarter volatility. Markets held strong despite Mother Nature, the Fed’s taper and an unfriendly international climate.  Global stocks generally experienced 5% declines in [...]

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1/22/14 – Correlation and Furniture

I had an interesting learning experience this past week. It all began a little over a month ago when my dear wife, decided that our living room needed updating, so she invited a friend over (who also happened to be an interior decorator).  I’m sure you can guess where this is going… The decorator came [...]

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