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HealthWealth Hub Account

The HealthWealth Hub account employs actuarial algorithms to calculate individual life expectancy, retirement health care costs, and appropriate funding options (either a lump sum or series of annual payments). Based on the results and an individual’s profile, the investment solution may include capital markets and/or insurance products.

The portfolio will accumulate assets until the client retires and then adjusts to focus on generating annual cash flows to meet increasing healthcare costs in retirement.

Long-Term Care Account

The program can be used to complement LTC insurance, annuity and insurance riders. LTC costs are broken down by state and metro area in the following categories:

  • Home health care
  • Assisted living
  • Skilled nursing

The system utilizes actuarial data to calculate the probability of need and expected length of stay. Based on the projected LTC needs, managers choose an investment strategy which will provide distributions as needed. While a percentage of clients will not require LTC services, they can bequeath unused funds to their estates.

HealthView HSA

The Program offers multiple pre-tax plans to pay for eligible medical, dental and vision expenses:

An HSA works in conjunction with a qualified High-Deductible Health Insurance Plan. It can be used to pay for current or future healthcare expenses. The HSA has multiple investment options, including a low-fee, no-minimum Robo account, to save for future healthcare expenses. HRAs and FSAs can work with any health insurance plan. They are designed to pay for current healthcare expenses – “use it or lose it.”

The chart below explains our offering and compares the program’s options:

Plan Comparison Chart: A Comparison of HSA, HRA and FSAs


HealthyCapital provides a groundbreaking behavior-modification system that seeks to increase individual life expectancy and lower annual medical expenses through real-time data analysis. In simple terms, the application shows how getting healthy is not only good for the body, but also for the bank account (and ultimately, long-term financial goals).

The HealthView investment programs are linked to the HealthyCapital application allowing investors to choose from traditional investment accounts or a Robo targeting healthcare costs in retirement.