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Specific Features that Sets HVAM Apart:

HealthView HealthWealth Hub Account

  • Actuarial-based
    • Mortality projections for individuals and couples
    • Annualized pre-retirement and in retirement healthcare cost projections
  • Required investment based on life expectancy and health conditions
    • Lump sum or series of investments
  • Personal decumulation strategy
    • Portfolio cash flow addresses annual healthcare costs in retirement
  • Annual data updates
    • Generate reports for advisers to review with clients

Long-Term Care Account

  • Actuarial-based long-term care cost projections by care setting
    • Home care
    • Assisted living
    • Skilled nursing care
  • Blended cost
    • Based on actuarial probability of length of stay and various care settings based on age, gender and health conditions
  • Personalized distribution system based on client projections
  • Complement LTC insurance as well as annuity and life insurance riders
  • A funding option for clients who prefer to self-insure

HealthView HSA Program

  • Provides individuals and employees
    • A tax-advantaged way to save for and pay healthcare costs today and in the future
  • Professionally-managed investment account
    • A low-fee
    • No-minimum
  • Available programs include
    • HSA
    • HRA
    • FSA
  • A debit card which can handle payments for all three options
  • Custom-branded portal